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Aerospace Medicine is a multidisciplinary specialty wherein medical expertise is utilized to enhance human performance and flight safety in the demanding aerospace environment. This journal has been the flagship of the Indian Society of Aerospace Medicine and has been a means of sharing excellent research work carried out by our fraternity.

This issue showcases a collection of articles which will be of interest to our readers. Sleep deprivation is part and parcel of military aviation. The study carried out to determine the effect of different doses of Modafinil on maintenance of mental alertness has been published in this issue. Ergonomic plays a vital role in work efficiency and flight safety. The article on seat geometry and restraint system of Mi-17 V5 helicopter brings out importance of anthropometry in the helicopter fleet of the IAF. The beginning of the millennium saw a shift of policy in allowing pilots of higher upper age limit to fly civil airlines. As a fall-out of this, a project was undertaken to study the psychomotor abilities of Indian population within the age group of 50-70 years. Another article in this issue brings out the changes of vision and intraocular pressure resulting from exposure to microgravity. This study was carried out in the dry floatation facility at this Institute in support of the Indian manned space programme. Two interesting case reports have also been included in this journal. One of them dwells upon the dilemma in aeromedical disposition of a case of cardioembolic stroke in an experienced fighter pilot and the other one discusses a case of IgA nephropathy in an aspiring CPL candidate.

In the near future, the aerospace medicine community as well as our aviators can look forward to changes in evaluation policies, disposal and rehabilitation of aircrew which will be achieved by means of the Human Performance Optimization Dept that is being set up at this Institute.

As the chief editor, I urge all specialists in the field and others establishments, to keep up the research work and also to share their contributions in form of quality research papers in this journal.


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